Our Community Vision for the land surrounding the new CRL station


The City Rail Link (CRL) project has the potential to transform the Uptown precinct. Rapid and frequent trains, a new Mt Eden Station (we prefer to call it Uptown Station), and 100,000 sqm of land available for future development will bring more people to live, work and hang out in Uptown. That’s why the Uptown Business Association has launched a drive to base future development plans on solid pillars. Those pillars are:


  • Keep the character and stay edgy
  • Make moving easy
  • Grow up in Uptown
  • Housing that works for everyone
  • Grow differently, together
  • Foster emerging and creative business


We want the new developments to revitalise the whole precinct, to embrace diversity, and to be planned with the community, including local businesses, right from the start. We are now networking with locals and decision-makers to make the case for a truly inclusive city fringe development project – a project that strengthens the old, delivers innovation, and connects the two together. 


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