Independent Purchasing Company (Australasia) Ltd (IPCA) is an independent SUBWAY® Franchisee owned and operated purchasing company. Our goal is to implement purchasing and distribution programs that help build a competitive environment for SUBWAY® Franchisees. Working under the direction of the Franchisee Board of Directors, IPCA's team carefully selects strong trading partners and manages the risks inherent to the costing and distribution of products in the food service industry.

At IPCA, we are dedicated to providing superior returns to SUBWAY® Franchisees. We set aggressive goals to manage the supply chain efforts for consistency, quality improvement and profitability. By doing this, we are transforming the supply chain into a "value" chain. Only with collaborative planning at all levels of the organisation can a true "value" chain be created. The collaboration initiatives are intended to utilise better communication between the trading partners, thus resulting in supply chain efficiencies.

IPCA is owned by the Australian and New Zealand SUBWAY® Franchisees. IPCA has no connection, legally or otherwise, with the SUBWAY® Franchisor (Doctors and Associates, Inc). Although wholly independent, IPCA does work closely with the SUBWAY® Franchisor to ensure that all products and Suppliers meet the strict criteria required by the SUBWAY® brand.

Additional Info

  • Address: Building 1, Ground Floor, 19 Auburn Street, Auckland
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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