Radio Advertising

Uptown Business Association and NZME have negotiated packages, exclusively for our members. We have created an Uptown jingle and the Business Association in conjunction with NZME are offering discounted rates to those members that are willing to place ads using part of the Uptown jingle. This includes preparation and production of the ads.

It is our intention that these adverts and the Uptown jingle will aid our mission to brand our area not only in the minds of the local businesses, but also to the wider public, and to encourage them to visit Uptown as a destination. Our aim is to flood the radio listeners with our branding, to get our jingles lodged in their minds, so their first port of call for business, retail or dining, will be Uptown. 

For further information or to get your advertising started, contact Gary, via either: 09 374 4546, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Have you heard the Uptown jingle on the air yet?

Uptown Business Associati-AK-12-30-GenericREV

Want to hear how your business could sound in an Uptown ad? Hear our example for Lot 23

Uptown Business Associati-AK-11-30-Lot23